Couple Photoshoot Singapore

A Couple Photoshoot is a photoshoot you take as a couple to commemorate a milestone of your relationship or simply to have beautiful memories that you can look back on. It doesn't have to be for a wedding or an engagement: any couple that wants to take beautiful pictures and save more memorable moments together can have it done !

Casual Couple Photoshoot Singapore

Couple Photoshoot can be done inside or outdoors, photo studio is popular option, but Outdoor Photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular and getting more favorite these days as you will be able to choose a beautiful outside location such as park, nature places, modern buildings...that has a special meaning for you as a couple.

Couple Photoshoot Singapore Price

When you choose our Couple Photoshoot service, you're not only to get proper, creative and professional photos for you and your partner, but you're also get the service at the affordable price:

1 Hour: $220

2 Hours: $340

3 Hours: $440

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