Family Photoshoot Singapore

If you have not considered Family Photography in Singapore a necessary service, you might want to have a second thought because we never get to replay our family moments a 2nd time.

There are other places cheaper than us. Why choose Gypso Media?

Want cheap Family Photography for $50? Oh wait, theres even FREE Photography. So Why pay for our standard?

  • Professional, sharp, clear, dreamy rendered background photos from us. You dont/ cant get that from cheap services because cheap equipments are used by beginners. Beginners wont buy high end lenses (to get those dreamy backgrounds).
  • Yes its always the photographer, not the equipments, right? Correct, but we need PROPER EQUIPMENTS to get the job done.
  • Give you a Windows 98 computer to do the job or a 2021 MAC to do your work. Both get the work done, correct? Which helps you to complete the work properly and better? You get the point.
  • We have been in the field since 2000s, trust us when we tell you what to expect for Cheap Cost Vs Reasonable Competitive Cost.
  • With competitive professional rate from us, we do it properly. Not only shoot right from the start. It goes all the way to submitting the work to you with a proper Hi and Thank You. Dont worry, we go through the photos one by one prior for post processing.

Family Photoshoot Rate in Singapore 2021:

1 Hour: $215

2 Hours: $335

3 Hours: $455

Above is our Professional Rate for Outdoor Shoots. We also have wet weather arrangements – 1 Free Wet Weather rescheduling if it rains on that day. We try to be flexible. Who knows? We might give you another free rescheduling.


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