Family Portrait Singapore

Photography is the art of capturing moments. This helps us capture precious moments in our lives, our birthdays, graduations, parties and so much more. If you want to document every moment, you can do it through photography. Humans are attracted to storytelling and photography is the best tool for storytelling. Nowadays, if you want to show your friends and family the story of your life, where you eat or where you hang out, how was your special date or any special occasion in your life, you can share those moments through a photograph. There are times where we would do anything to capture the essence of a moment spent together with our families and we capture those beautiful moments through a Family Portrait. Others view Family Portraits as normal pictures but for us and our families, there is a story behind a portrait. Family Portrait Singapore is all about capturing those moments and helping you share your story.

Family Photography Singapore

Family Photography Singapore is known for its Family Photography. We are the one when it comes to capture precious life moments for you. Family Portrait or Family Photography is the service that we have provided, is one of the most requested service from our customers. Our team is a team of professional and artistic photographers who know how to express emotions through pictures. You might be at a point in your life where either you are getting married or your child just got an award for being the brightest student in his/her class, or you just want to hold a Family Photoshoot to save those kind of family beautiful moments with each other, and you would want to capture that moment, this is where we can help. We will set up everything for you, your pose, the lighting so that the picture that we take expresses your feelings just the way you want.


Outdoor Family Photoshoot Singapore

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Singapore is the option you should go for. If you truly want to cherish the photographs that we take for your family, then we recommend that you get your photographs taken outdoors. Nature provides the best scenery, the amazing natural light for the pictures to look natural and you have a lot of options to choose from. Either you can choose to get your pictures taken in a park or front of any location in Singapore.

Outdoors provide us with many creative angles, for example, we can portray you and the beautiful city of Singapore as something larger than life, simply by taking the picture at the right angle. The natural light helps make the picture appear more real and nicer as compared to taken inside a studio. All in all, getting a family photo shoot together is that you and your family will get the opportunity to share moments, this will be the best opportunity for you to get all the family members reunited.

Family Photoshoot Singapore Price

Feeling free to check it out our rates for Outdoor Photoshoot, drop us an email or fill out contact from to send us enquiry for Family Photoshoot in Singapore

1 Hour: $220

2 Hours: $340

3 Hours: $440

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