Food Photographer Singapore

If you are running a restaurant or a food shop, you need professional food photographs of what you sell.

It’s easy to understand that photos help you to spread out your meaning to customers. Your potential customers will be more enticed when you have appealing food photographs.

Cheap Food Photography Singapore

Necessary Food Photography will be one of the priority steps on upgrading your menu. Gypso Media understands that need and that is why we offer you Photography Service for Food and Drink Products.
First important impression: Outlook. Why the Outlook? Your customers always look at your food photos the second thing they are at your doorstep.


Affordable Food Photography Singapore

At Gypso Media, we provide you professional quality food and beverage photographs at reasonable, affordable rates.

We listen to what you share, and we give you what deems best fit to your bill. We have got different clients asking for different product expectations, we have thus decided to make it a simple price point for all of us.



Food Photography Rate in Singapore 2021

Drums comes our rate: Not too expensive, but reasonable:
Shoot all you want (Max of 8 hours):



  • Shooting at your location (1 Location)
  • Food Photographer
  • Food Styling
  • Lights, Stands
  • Camera/ Lenses/ other misc equipments
  • Kitchenware, Utensils, board etc (we bring our own, feel free to use yours too)


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