Freelance Photographer Singapore Rates 2021

Most of people can snap a picture these days, but a photographer can make art from a picture, it's still a big consideration. Hiring a Professional Event Photographer for your event who can help you telling a story and capture the energy and emotion of your event.  Our Freelance Photographers will capture your special moments, tell the story and convey the energy of the event.

We specialize in photographing personal events such as ROM, Birthday, Anniversary, Family Photos, Portraits and many other personal events. We also provide Company Photography Services like Events, Corporate Photography, Products, Employee Portraits, and Commercial Photography...

Nowadays, there are a lot of Photography Service Providers and they also offer a lot of level of prices. Some is cheap, some is expensive. But to Gypso Media, we offer the rates following the professional services and quality photography results.

The most popular rate is about Event Photography, and these are the Freelance Event Photographer Singapore Rates:

One (1) hour: $185

Two (2) hours: $285

Three (3) hours: $385

Four (4) hours: $485

Five (5) hours or above: $116/hour

Company Photography Services Singapore

We've covered so many types of Photography in Singapore for Company such as: Event Photography, Commercial Photography, Architecture Photography, Product Photography, Food Photography...Each kind of Photography Service, we don't only  set our gold to bring the quality and good results for our clients, but we also set client's target to be our gold.

Personal Photographer Singapore

Beside Company Photography Services, we have also covered so many kinds of Personal Photography such as: Birthday Photography, Family Photoshoot, Anniversary Photography, ROM Photography...Because it's a personal event, our Freelance Photographer must be a professional and experienced one to make the atmosphere comfortably and know how to arrange the shoot for the good result producing.


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