Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

Our Graduation Photography Service lets you experience the convenience, quality photographs and fun on this special day of your life. We provide you with reasons why parents & students, prefer and love our Graduation Photo Shoot Service in Singapore. At The Digital Moments, we go with quality over quantity photographs.


Outdoor Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

A Graduation Photoshoot will create memories of that special moment that is your graduation from high school or  University. We can take many different pictures and create different spins on it like: Outdoor Graduation Photoshoot, Family Graduation Photoshoot or following your request.


Family Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

Your Graduation occasion is also a special occasion for your family. Why don't we take this time to have a proper Family Photoshoot, too ?! We think this is not bad idea. Save your own special moments with your beloved people. And this is also the way you and your family share the happiness and spend time together. Beautiful memories are worthy to be saved.


Graduation Photoshoot Singapore Rates: 

1 Hour: $220

2 Hours: $340

3 Hours: $440

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We specialize in Graduation Photoshoot, with the hopes of capturing this very important and crucial moments so you can remember it down the road. That way you will have some lovely photos to remember this day with.

All in all, if you were looking for a Graduation Photoshoot in Singapore, we can provide !

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