Outdoor Photoshoot Singapore

Outdoor photoshoot is where the photographs are taken outside instead in a photo studio, company or home. We have provided some facts for a successful outdoor photoshoot as below. But not to worry, our team will be there to provide advice if you need help.

  • Choose a location: Find an interesting location but it should not distract too much. You can choose an urban theme in city or a natural landscape near the sea or a field. You just go ahead with your favorite or recommended location, then we will plan how to get the  beautiful moments
  • Interact with the landscape: Photoshoot that is taken indoor is usually more boring as you often have to stand against a flat or  solid colored wall. But for outdoor like in the nature, or any outside place, you can make use of the natural background. You may use a flower, puddle of water or even dried leaves to make your photo background more interesting.
  • Interact with clients: Our photographers will do as best as possible to let you pose naturally so that the photo truly reflects. It's more meaningful and beautiful.
  • Go for a variety of images: We always try to take the photos from different angles. So, you will have more choices about your photos like the photo was taken from far away, or close up or high up.
  • Capture the unexpected and nice moments: We understand how nice the natural photos are sometimes, so we often take photos like when you are are laughing or running accidentally. Or snap when you are looking at something or standing in a distance.


Below are the some kinds of the Outdoor Photoshoot that Gypso Media have handled:

Graduation Photoshoot Singapore

Graduation is an important moment for students or your family members. It marks the end of  academic studies, ready to move on to the next stage, to step into the other world. Graduation photos are as a form of beautiful memory.

You can choose to have your photos taken on the graduation day, in the campus, outdoor with scenic background or central business district to mark your special occasion.

On the graduation day, sometimes, you will tend to feel nervous and worried whether if you look good in photo. You just need to relax and enjoy this day. Just need to notice your posture, so sit and stand straight for a nice photoshoot. Leave the rest to us and we capture your precious moments.

Family Photoshoot Singapore

You may want to capture moments with your family members in the family photoshoot. You can catch the moments in the natural setting of your own home. Or, you may want snap a fun family day out at your favorite place. We recommend that you should one best location you prefer, because we won't be so stressful to move around and we have more time take more and more nice angles of photo.

Some recommendations of good spots for family photoshoot :

  • Botanic Gardens
  • Marina Barrage
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Punggol Waterway
  • Sentosa

Let us know your preferences and we will handle the shooting for you and your family members.

Feel free to check our rate for Outdoor Photoshoot Singapore here: Outdoor Photography Rates


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Event Photography Singapore

There will times when you want to capture meaningful and memorable events like birthday party, dinner and dance, corporate conferences or product launch. Our photographers will be there to snap from the day's highlight to the smallest, finest details that contribute to an event's success.

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