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At Gypso Media we pride ourselves in providing professional Photography Services in Singapore. A truly passionate team of photographers who are here to provide you with the quality Photography Services in Singapore.  Our Freelance Professional Photographers have spent time through hard work and dedication to guarantee that results for our clients.


Freelance Photographer Singapore

Our team of Professionals is dedicated to capturing perfect pictures in-the-moment.  Our team use their expansive knowledge to capture the scene in the best way possible, by closely working with you to make sure you are happy. We will use our acquired level of skill to perfectly set up, direct and shoot your occasion.

Post-events our photographers spend hours editing your photos through the greatest of care. Only using the very latest photo editing technology and techniques, our Professional Photographers will use their expertise to accurately perfect your photos to the point where you will not be able to take your eyes off them.

 The end result will leave you walking away with a big smile on your face and brilliant photographs to remember the occasion.

Professional Photography Service Singapore

We've covered so many types of Professional Photography Services in Singapore that from personal occasion to company/organization's occasion.

Our clients whose personal events/occasion  such as : Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Family Photoshoot...and company/organization needs like Company's Events, Conference, Dinning, Corporate Shoots...

Here are some kinds of Photography that we've handled in Singapore: Event PhotographyBirthday PhotographyCorporate PhotographyArchitecture PhotographyPortrait PhotographyFamily Photoshoot...

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Gypso Media are happy to cover any event no matter how big or small. It could a birthday party or even a anniversary event with many guests. The event may even be an important corporate conference or even a convention. No matter what the occasion is, our professional team of Freelance Photographers are here to deliver the best service possible and meet the needs of you.

 We strongly believe that providing not only great results but the best customer service possible is key to leaving our clients happy and fully satisfied with the work we provide.

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