Videography Services Singapore

Are you looking for Professional Videography Service in Singapore ?  Then we have just what you need and more. Our team provide extremely high quality Videography Services for both private and corporate projects at reasonable rate. At Gypso Media, we have a team of talented and creative Freelance Videographers in Singapore, who are highly experienced in the full spectrum of video production.

We offer high quality Videography Services for all kinds of events and occasions anywhere in Singapore. Therefore, we can help you to capture and record your beautiful moments in the following types:

Event Videography

This includes Company Events, School Events, Ceremonies and Parties, Grand Opening, Live Feed or Performances and Concerts, Birthday Videography, Food Introduction...

Event Videography Service Price

Roving Event Videographer Price just starts at $110/hour 

Corporate Videography

Our team concern about what you want and we will create videos that work for your business. With many kinds of video for production today, we will make sure to focus on videos that contribute extensively for your brand reputation and portfolio. As you know, nowadays how strong a viral video is, that's why we offer exclusive services in Corporate Videography Range from Marketing to Internal Employee Engagement videos...For more details and your particular needs, contact us to discuss more about that.

Commercial Videography

Our experienced and professional Videographers produce quality videos Commercial Projects and you can use that as a important keys to spread widely your brand. It will be very easy and convenient for you to upload and run any campaign for yourself or for your company.

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Experienced Videography Skills 
Our professional team of Freelance Videographers have many years of experience in Videography filed and experienced skills to give you the satisfied products. As a result, we don’t just record video, we capture the true essence of any situation as you target. Our team are creative and full of edit skills, with a keen eye for detail. Your video will be assured of the correct lighting, composition, and emotions..

We Shoot With Purposes In Mind

We understand how strong and important videography has become in this modern life for your company and yourself . We will try to discuss more and understand more the goal that you set for your video to create and make a video with purposes and easy to transfer the meaning what you want to share. We always make sure that your videos are integrated with suitable music to make your video more attractive and more professional.  If you want to use video as an option to spread your brand, company's name widely, we will optimize your video as much convenient as possible  for you to publish, upload, and run any Advertising Campaign like you want. Because we know how important Marketing Videos and how strong online channels today are.

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