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Professional Photographer Singapore

Gypso Media started in 2019 (UEN Registered), though we have been in this field since 2000s. We provide Professional Photography Services and Professional Videography Services in Singapore. Heres a wide range of media coverage including and not limited to:

  • Personal Photographer (Eg Outdoor Family Shoots, Outdoor Couple PhotoShoots, Birthday Party Photography)
  • Professional Event Photography, Corporate Event Photography (Eg Large Scale Meetings lasting Few Days, Shop Openings, Official Launches, Expos/ Exhibitions, Dinner & Dance, Private Company Events)
  • Commercial Photography, Commercial Videography (Eg Company Product showcase for Website, Catalogues)
  • Editorial Photography/ Editorial Videography (Eg Corporate Headshots, Annual Company Montage)

What we offer for our cost

  • Knowledge of what to photograph in order for you to be able to use/ publish the photographs later. We ask you prior to shooting whats not to be missed, what to look out for additionally.
  • We only use the Highest End lenses. Yes, its always the photographer, never the tools that gets the photo beautiful, correct? Yes, but do remember, we need Proper Tools to help us get the job done. Picture an inexperienced driver in a Super Car vs an experienced driver in a normal sedan driving to destination. Whom will have a higer chance of an accident? You get the point.
  • We only shoot in RAW formats. The highest quality one can get out of todays camera sensors. No Jpegs in the camera. Digital Photos are also shot to dual cards simultaneously for reliability too.
  • Proper Post Processing with Proper Tools in the computer after shooting in LightRoom. No matter how "good" original Jpegs are in camera, RAW manual processing will always be better than automated Jpegs in camera.
  • Within 6 Days Delivery of High Resolution Post Processed Photos to your email.
  • We also offer Top 15 - 20 Photo Highlights immediately after Event and 24 hours delivery (with Proper Post Processing) for a $120 top up.

There are CHEAP Services out there. Theres even $50 "Photography". So why choose us?

  • Professionals. Full Timers. No Interns. Experienced Videographers & Photographers Only with years of Experience. You dont have to worry about half past six work. When we do it, we give our full 100%.

  • We only use Highest End Professional Lenses for the best results. Cheap lenses do not give great results.

  • A minimum of 2 cameras for all kinds of shoots. Shooting with 1 camera is a very risky situation.
  • Proper Editing of Photos in LightRoom. Further Enhancement in Photoshop for a more complicated process.
  • Trust us when we tell you that cheap services do not give you fantastic results. We have been in the field since 2000s, way before Gypso Media started. With cheap payments, one will not be able to afford proper equipments= You will not get fantastic results. Its a vicious cycle.
  • We are a UEN registered Photo & Video Company in Singapore, so theres no last minute disappearing act. Trust us when we have heard horror stories of freelancers disappearing on the day itself.
  • After Event Service- No worries. We have clients contacting us 1 year after for help. We are still there.

Indoor and Outdoor Shoots (Individuals/ Family)

We also offer Personal Portraits, Family Photography with your Kids or Multi Generation shoots.

Outdoor Shoots for Family/ Individual:

1 Hour: $215

2 Hours: $335

3 Hours: $455


We do Corporate Photography too like Quick Headshots

  • Companies requiring quick headshots within an hour or two with or without lights
  • Executive Headshots/ Professional Portraits that require strobe lights/ natural light
  • We do both, depending on your budget. Heres the Rate for Corporate Photographer 2021 in Singapore:

Corporate Portrait Photography Rate (Natural Light/ Add On Strobe Light)

1 Hour: ($215/ $415)

2 Hours: ($335/ $535)

3 Hours: ($455/ $655)



We cover ROM/ Wedding Photography too

  • Singapore has allowed ROM again with a limited number of people due to Covid 19.
  • Most are short hours now due to the limited number of people involved. Photography & Videography service is still legal to do so for us.

Heres the Rate for ROM/ Actual Day Wedding Photography 2021

1 Hour: $215

2 Hours: $335

3 Hours: $455



Contact Us

Whatsapp us (Bottom Left of screen) or call us at +65 8114 9476 for a quicker response.