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Professional Photographer Singapore

Do you need professional photography services in Singapore ? At Gypso Media, we offer you our professional and experienced photography and videography services anywhere in Singapore. We have experiences in a wide range of media services including Event Photography, Birthday Photoshoot, Commercial Photography, Family Photography, and Portrait. We have been offering our quality services in Singapore to so many of satisfied clients. Therefore, Gypso Media is not only give you affordable rate but high-quality services.


Our Professional Freelance Photographers are not only highly experienced but also well trained and proficient in all aspects of photography. We have covered so many ranges of Freelance Photography And Videography Services:

Event Photography

Our team has handled for many personal events, company events and occasion in Singapore such as Birthday Parties, Meeting, Workshop, Conferences, Graduation Celebration, and other ceremonies.

Corporate Photography | Commercial Photography

Our Corporate Photography includes shooting photographic material for your company when you aim to use to promote or commercialize your company's products or services through high-quality photos. We have also produced Professional Staff Portraits, Interior or Exterior Photography that can be used for your company portfolio, website, social networking channels or newsletter.

Indoor and Outdoor Photoshoot

At Gypso Media, we also offer Professional Photography Services to your individual interested like Personal Portrait, Family Photography, Kids Photography, and some other Indoor and Outdoor Activities.

You are finding Photography And Videography Partner, what is the most important reason that help you to make decision ? Let Gypso Media tell you two main points which you may care about: 

Skills And Experiences

Our experienced Freelance Photographers are equipped fully with the Photography And Videography skills to ensure you get quality results and  value for your payment. Be full of skills and experiences are really important and it is also the main factors to make the results well or not well.

 Determining and setting up  lighting as well as identifying the appropriate shutter and lens options for your Photography & Videography requirements to ensure high quality digital images and videos.

We are highly knowledgeable and experienced in using multiple cameras and  technologies essential for editing and retouching your photos and videos to fit your desired end product.  Moreover, when working with our team of Professional Freelance Photographers, you can be sure that your expectations will be met.

We feel free to go to your desired location anywhere in Singapore or foreign countries. We always arrive earlier than your event timing. Furthermore, If you are with big events  which may require more than one camera and video angles, our diverse team of confident and dedicated Photographers who can work on your event collectively to get as many quality shots as necessary.

We also proud of ourselves in good communication to share and improve works. We make sure to update you on the progress of your projects regularly to ease anxiety and for feedback purposes.

Finally, we always pay attention to small detail when editing, and pre-editing to make sure they are not only high quality but also properly color corrected.

Our team is an established with targer to bring you the most quality and reliable Photography And Videography Services.  You can contact us any time for exceptional Photography & Videography Services at or fill out this Contact Form