4 Important Tips About Photography

What Makes A Great Photograph

Photography is one of the desired skillsets out there. You love photography, you want to start a job on it. But, you don't know how to capture and make a great photo. This article is just right content for you. We're a team of Professional Photographers & Videographers in Singapore, and we want to share with you some start up tips which help your photography skills improve further.

In this Era, getting gears is easy. However, attaining skillsets are not easy as getting gears off the shelves.Freelance Photographer Singapore | Event Photographer Singapore

Here are some of the things to notice to be a great event photographer in Singapore. These are 4 great tips to drastically improve photography skills: 

In photography, composition brings together an image. Instead of just taking a picture of something, you should seek out leading lines and flattering composition. The best way to get a good composition is to set a correct, creative angle and framing. These bring eyes to the subject and present it in a flattering way. For example, food looks really good from above, to bring it all together. Sometimes, it looks better from taking at 35 degrees angle when you want make something look bigger, higher and more powerful.


Without timing, a photographer might miss the most magical moment. From a smile to an important handshake, you have to know when is the perfect and right time to save the moment. You need to notice the people around you and pre  anticipate the moment. This is applies to Outdoor Photoshoots too, because most of the outdoor photos are much more better before 11AM and after 3PM.


All the best photos you've ever seen have had soft defused lighting or harsh dramatic lighting. Lighting is very important to capture things. If an image is taken in direct afternoon sunlight, it might have harsh shadows that add false leading lines and might create the wrong mood. Not  a good idea to photograph without light. All photographers never ignore the sun or the light and they make the light work in their favour. And we have to notice which light is suitable for our photo.

Editing and processing
Try to photography background without distractions. Prevention is better than cure. Post Processing can only help us this much, though it is an important aspect in photography. Nowadays, there are lots of great editing apps on mobile phones or desktop which you can use easily. Try Lightroom for mass batch processing.

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