School Photography Services Singapore

Schools in Singapore require photography services to record their special moments on different occasions. This moment can be price giving ceremony, co-curriculum activities such as sports day, graduations day, or even creating students/teachers/department... portraits photos, staff photos, or club and society photos.

Our past work has helped us gained a lot of experience and help us to produce quality result for clients.

Professional Photography Services

Every moment is unique, and it requires to be captured in its original states. Our team makes this happen. We have Professional Photographers who keep tracking of the current trends in photography to make sure that we provide the good and quality photos to you.

Moreover, our creative skills, patience, and concentration paying attention to every photoshoot to bring you happy results. Your satisfaction about the photoshoot is always our goal. Depending on kinds of photoshoot, we have to make sure all the important preparation for each shoot. For example, when taking a portrait photo, we make sure it is taken on a clean background, suitable create the professional photos.

Our experienced photographers have outstanding editing techniques to improve every image that they take. We care about your time, and that is why our team will never keep you waiting. We also make sure that our photos are taken with minimum disruption to the regular school day.


At each project, we have to  make sure that it provides quality photos. They are sharp, bright, and beautiful photos that are beyond customers’s expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you want photos for website or any other site. They're still at quality standards.

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Our Photographers are friendly. That is why our team is not only specialized in photos, but also they love capturing variety angles. It doesn’t matter if they are obtaining an individual portrait or a group one for the entire class.

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